ESG EDGE Conference

Property Week’s ESG Edge Conference will bring together leaders and visionaries to discuss ESG strategies driving positive change throughout the property industry. Throughout this inaugural event you will gain invaluable insights into how these practices benefit people, communities, and the planet. With an equal focus on environmental, social and governance factors, at ESG Edge you will connect with the pioneers leading ESG integration. Uncover innovative solutions, and critical trends in decarbonisation, sustainability, and net zero goals, whilst exploring the significance of the social value, equality, diversity, inclusion, and well-being that is reshaping the property sector for the better.

Key themes for the event will include:

  • Decarbonisation: The property sector is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, so there is a growing focus on reducing the carbon footprint of buildings and portfolios, drawing up a planned and realistic path to net zero, and taking short-term actions such as offsetting

  •  Sustainability: The property industry needs to improve the sustainability of their assets. This includes measures such as reducing energy consumption, water usage, and waste production. It also includes using sustainable materials and construction practices, and the adoption of a retrofit-first approach It also requires planned and effective collaboration between multiple parties, in particular between building owners and occupiers.
  •  Well-being: It’s well recognised that the built environment plays an important role in human health and well-being. Property owners and operators are exploring ways to create buildings and spaces that promote physical and mental health which includes providing access to natural light, green space, and healthy air quality etc.
  •  Social value: There is a growing requirement for the industry to have a positive social impact and add value through supporting local communities, providing affordable housing, and promoting diversity and inclusion. There is also increased recognition that high-value buildings don’t exist in isolation, and that effective placemaking is a goal that benefits both the property industry and society at large.
  •  Governance: Implementing effective and transparent ESG governance frameworks and reporting and aligning these with KPIs aroundnet zero and EDI. There is also growing recognition of the importance of transparency and ethics when dealing with suppliers, partners and clients, and planning for the long-term with a business purpose in mind. 6. Investor demand: Investors are increasingly looking to invest in ESG-compliant assets. This is because they believe that ESG elements will positively impact asset performance and risk profiles.

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